Financing for Asset LiquidationsPursuant to Chapter 11 Plans

A chapter 11 plan of reorganization may provide for the liquidation of some or all of the debtor's assets. If the debtor owns real property that is vacant or under-performing, cash flow often is insufficient to preserve the property in the best condition for sale or to fund an adequate marketing plan. 

A court-approved loan from our affiliate, Racebrook Capital, provides a bridge that helps creditors maximize value by preserving asset values while property is prepared for negotiated private sale or public auction.

Management of Liquidation Trusts

We use sophisticated proprietary technology to advise liquidating trusts on strategies for selling real esate assets and realizing cash for distributions.

When creditors depend on distributions from liquidation trusts holding assets to be sold after a plan is confirmed, there must be a strategy for selling assets. We advise management on selecting the best sale process-negotiated private sales, sealed-bids or open outcry public auctions-being some examples.

Racebrook develops and implements sophisticated marketing programs to help creditor trusts monetize assets, minimize expenses and get cash in the hands of creditors. Our huge database enables us to fit marketing plans to current market conditions and to identify buyers likely to close transactions. 

Liquidation Plans and Trusts